Letters to the Editor

GOP out of control

Republicans are out of control in the 32 states they dominate, including Kentucky, and out of control in the Congress and Supreme Court they gridlocked to dominate.

They are out of control because they and their wealthy donors now run the country.

GOP lies, distortions, disruptions, propaganda, obstruction, confusion and chaos paved the way for Donald Trump who, along with Sen. Mitch McConnell, tried to delegitimize the first African-American president. What Hillary Clinton, the second “other,” had to fight (that we know about) is more about treason than reason.

The continuous use of “unprecedented” speaks to now-President Trump disregarding ethics, rules, norms, values, laws. Republicans in Congress just smile weakly or, like McConnell, stonewall because they’re in solidarity with their absolute power.

The Republican Party has become the White Male Outlaw Party, which sees women, minorities, immigrants, the young, seniors, First Americans, working people of all hues as chattel, property, servants, slaves as of old. Insult to injury: W-MOP uses our tax monies to control us.

Until we get women in leadership, including elected, in proportion to their demographic number, 51 percent, this country will be under male-dominated oligarchic theocratic authoritarianism.

Ramona Rush