Letters to the Editor

Taxes, please

Although I don’t agree with all of President Donald Trump’s politics, I sincerely want him to succeed in lessening the negativity and divisiveness that grew out of the recent election. He can easily and immediately do this and end the widespread, unsubstantiated speculation that his connections with corrupt Russian oligarchs will compromise our American foreign policy.

During his campaign, he repeatedly said he would release his tax returns once the election was over and the IRS had completed its audit. Then, two days after his inauguration one of his advisers said in an interview that he had decided not to. Earlier, conservative icon George Will said that until Trump releases his returns, there was “reasonable surmise” that he has been “deeply involved” with Russian oligarchs. This surmise by citizens of all political stripes will surely limit Trump’s effectiveness as president. More than 60 percent of Americans believe he should do what President Ronald Reagan and all other recent presidents have done.

I want to think that Trump can and will act in the best interests of the country, rather than only himself, when dealing with the Russians. I respectfully ask him to release his returns.

Milton Reigelman