Letters to the Editor

Ball Homes comes up short

There is no doubt that Ball Homes’ massive new development is going to inflict a lot of pain on the current residents of the Squires Road neighborhood.

When you add the traffic from a proposed middle school plus 500 new households to a winding two-lane street that is already busy as a cut-through from Alumni Drive to Richmond Road, no amount of fancy math and verbal gymnastics by a slick consultant can negate this fact.

Wouldn’t it be nice, then, for Ball Homes to mitigate some of this pain by providing the neighborhood with a nice hiking/biking trail? Instead, Ball Homes proposes a sidewalk between an apartment complex and a road as a make-believe trail. In both spirit and substance, this plan contradicts the kind of trail along a greenway envisioned for this area in the Lexington Greenways Master Plan.

Unfortunately for area residents and other Lexingtonians who were expecting a real hiking/biking trail to connect the existing Jacobson Park and Squires Road trails, the Lexington Planning Commission has signed off on Ball Homes’ plan.

It is now up to the Urban County Council to reverse this decision and ensure that the Greenways Master Plan is actually implemented.

Teresa Sutherland