Letters to the Editor

Unbridled foreign policy

President Donald Trump is getting everything he asked for and everything he started. He provoked Iran, not the other way around.

For two years, he has been bashing Iran, China and fellow Americans. He has been delegitimizing the American media and our democratic systems, all the while heaping praise on Russian President Vladmir Putin, who just took more aggressive action in occupied Ukraine.

When Trump heaped praise on Israel, it built more settlements on Palestinian land. You think other countries won’t stand up for themselves? We invaded Iraq. A disaster, as Trump himself acknowledges. You don’t think Iran is worried?

We Americans love our independence. So do other countries. Often, it’s not what Trump does, but how he does it. As with the recent immigrant ban, he needs to vet his own words and actions.

And who did a background check on Steve Bannon?

Zohal Osman