Letters to the Editor

A tale of two Vladimirs

Steve Bannon, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, has the president’s ear. Bannon, formerly of Brietbart News, the mouthpiece of the alt-right, has in the past, proclaimed himself a follower of Vladimir Lenin, first ruler of the Soviet Union.

Lenin, like the anarchists of his day, believed in the overthrow of all the institutions of government and society, replacing them with institutions in which power is supposedly devolved to the people. The Russian Revolution of 1917 devolved into a single-party authoritarian system using repression and torture to stay in power.

Trump’s actions so far certainly follow the Lenin playbook. De-legitimize the institutions of government, society and the press, control and undermine the centers of information, and put people ideologically devoted to you in place.

With Trump’s ties to the Russians, are we witnessing a compromised president being handled from afar by the Vladimir of 2017? Trump has created for Bannon a permanent seat on the National Security Council.

Until it is clear what the connections are between the Russians, Trump, his senior adviser, his secretary of state and his former national security adviser, America should be wary.

The Vladimir of 2017 is every bit as dangerous as was the Vladimir of 1917.

Thomas Vance