Letters to the Editor

Protect Lexington’s environment

As the city begins its review of the Comprehensive Plan, it is a critical to consider how we ensure its visions of protecting environmentally sensitive areas and enhancing green spaces for public access within the Urban Services Boundary are actually put into practice.

Just last month, the Planning Commission approved a massive development by Ball Homes on the Peninsula that is contrary to the current Comprehensive Plan and will destroy an area of woods along Ellersley Lake that provides habitat for bald eagles, osprey, egrets, fox and a host of other birds and wildlife.

More than 200 opponents were in attendance to request that the lakeside trees be protected in a conservation greenway bordered by a trail that could be enjoyed by all of the city’s residents, providing a park and trail around the development that would complement the Legacy Trail. If this thriving wildlife habitat along the lake does not meet the conditions under the Comprehensive Plan for protecting the environment and linking neighborhoods to parks and green spaces, are there any circumstances under which we will say no to unrestrained development?

Judith Humble