Letters to the Editor

City’s troubling history development

The story of Pierre Whiting, University of Kentucky’s first black employee, and the former Adamstown neighborhood shares a little more African-American history in our community.

The attitude of the then-dean of the College of Agriculture reflected a pervasive notion that was not kind nor enlightened for an educated man. It’s not uncommon even today. Poverty or limited resources is no excuse for condemnation of a community, university or individuals.

What about the historical change in the lives of the residents evicted? Have they been heard? Have those who lived around Rupp Arena? The reality is we see similar bullying and arrogance now.

It is primarily the push of connected, financially privileged developers wanting to profit. It happens in all parts of town, such as the South Hill parking lot proposal, which should be the subject of investigative reporting. Are decisions really made for public benefit?

While nice looks at history help some remember and feel good, the real need is to investigate and write of the people’s history and costs to the community and to individuals.

Don Pratt