Letters to the Editor

Rave for local theater

On Feb. 5, my wife and I attended the AthensWest production of the play “Failure: A Love Story” at Lexington’s Downtown Arts Center. It was a wonderful production that was both very funny and disturbing. A young man falls in love with three sisters, each of whom dies before he can enjoy life with them. As always with AthensWest, the actors were area volunteers and Equity members with impressive credentials. The small audience – it was Super Bowl Sunday, was immersed in the play.

This is the second full year of productions led by Bo List, a skilled enabler of people who brings out surprising talents in everyone. The cast stayed around on the stage after the play to chat with audience members and exchange insights.

My wife and I moved back to my Kentucky roots 20 years ago, after careers from Montana to Connecticut. This is home, and AthensWest is one of the major reasons it is home. Ticket costs are Kentucky level, not New York City prices. The joy of attending the plays, however, is very much like the joy of a weekend in New York City.

Thomas M. Dicken