Letters to the Editor

Difference between today’s protest, Tea Party

There is an important difference between the gatherings by citizens at the recent town hall meetings of Rep. Andy Barr and Sen. Mitch McConnell, and the Tea Party protests during President Obama’s administration: Today’s protests are not organized by the wealthy.

The Tea Party stemmed from libertarians and early libertarian organizations. The term was first mentioned in 1980 when the libertarian party leader said that they were preparing for a “very big tea party.” Early gatherings were the “porkulus” protests.

That term had been coined by Rush Limbaugh whose show was syndicated by Premier network, which was financed by the Heritage Foundation. Heritage, of course, is just one of the think tanks financed by the Kochs’ group of billionaires.

These extremely wealthy people have spent millions to influence the way Americans’ think about their government. Read “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer.

Their efforts have gone a long way to create dissent among us. Those of us who simply want clean air, clean water, good schools, a living wage and affordable medical care need to talk.

These issues are not from the “far left.”

Sara M. Porter