Letters to the Editor

McConnell’s lost roots

Sen. Mitch McConnell is the same age as my husband, and they grew up in the same South End neighborhood of blue-collar working families. McConnell applied himself and became a lawyer. Then he became Jefferson County judge-executive. The people in the South End were proud to call him one of theirs — even my family of lifelong Democrats. I even voted for him in his first run for senator.

McConnell did some wonderful things for the people back home in Kentucky, bringing in money for infrastructure and universities, and other such things.

But what has happened now after 30 years in office? He will not meet with constituents — only people who pay to see him. Some GOP lawmakers call accuse constituents of being “paid protestors,” while they, including McConnell, are the ones getting donations from big banks, coal companies and insurance companies.

I want my McConnell back. Where is he hiding? His actions show he no longer cares about the families he left behind 30 years ago.

Jo Anne Feldman