Letters to the Editor

Development disappoints

The Ball Homes development project on the peninsula off Squires Road is supposedly based on the need to build a new middle school on the property. Does Fayette County plan to build a school on this property in the next several years? No.

The quality of the water in Lake Ellerslie, owned by the water company, requires a large buffer zone. Building a high-density development will greatly add to the pollution in our drinking water. Is Ball Homes planning to include the 100-foot-plus setback and buffer needed to protect our water? No.

The Lexington Greenways Master Plan calls for a public trail along Lake Ellerslie on the peninsula. This trail would provide citizens the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful lakeside view with a great variety of wildlife, including bald eagles, that only the people who live there have had the opportunity to enjoy. Is this trail along the lake part of Ball Homes development plan? No.

These points were made to the Lexington Planning Commission in a recent hearing. Did it modify Ball Homes’ development plan and choose to do what’s best for all of Lexington? No.

Wendy Henry