Letters to the Editor

People, not guns, the problem

There appears to be a movement in Lexington against an inanimate object, the gun. In reality, there is a people problem, not a gun problem. Those teens who were shot and died should have been at home doing homework, studying, helping their parents, doing things to improve their future.

If parents will not, or cannot, take charge of their teens, then Lexington needs a strongly enforced curfew law. Would it have been acceptable if the teens had been stabbed to death? Would there then have been a movement against knives and knife violence?

Something that might help is to teach the young right from wrong. All should be taught the Ten Commandments, enthusiastically, in home, in school and in church. The Founding Fathers put in the Constitution the freedom of religion, not from religion.

Additionally, schools could help by taking children on field trips to prisons, where they could see and learn what becomes of those who act violently toward others.

Alfred A. Brown Jr.