Letters to the Editor

Stupid Trump trick

President Donald Trump’s extreme vetting of persons from selected Middle Eastern countries is essentially a marketing program for those who voted for him rather than a sound program to protect America. Only a few countries are included in the short-term ban, and many predominantly Muslim countries are left out — especially those in which the Trump organization has business interests. Many of the excluded countries are ones in which Trump does not want to harm the Trump corporate image or cash flow.

The border to our north is wide open. Canada is not observing Trump’s travel ban, and the border between the U.S. and Canada is unprotected for hundreds of miles. We need to recognize the ban for what it is: pure political hot air. It reminds me more of the closing scenes from the former “Late Night with David Letterman” television show. If you recall Letterman would bring pets on the set to perform “stupid pet tricks” that made no sense at all, but they were entertaining. The president’s travel ban is more of a ratings-garnering “stupid Trump trick” than a sound national defense policy. It protects no one at all.

Gene Lockhart