Letters to the Editor

Thoughts on politics, religion

So far, president Donald Trump has played a strong conservative hand and has an outstanding cabinet. The amusing thing about Trump is that he does not always follow a party line.

Some people say that politics is about values. The Muslim fundamentalists seem to want to go back to the 1920s. Their views conflict with globalization, the United Nations and the U.S Declaration of Independence.

Believing in democracy means being for the great search for truth, justice, beauty and progress, and perhaps inevitably asking, “Who knows the way?”

One reason for religion is inspiration of the masses. Religion may evolve because there is a new, outstanding teacher. If everyone believed in blind faith, we would not have auditors, traffic lights and seeing-eye dogs.

Courage does not come solely from religion. Courage comes from the heart. If you believe in separation of church and state then you are free to seek God in a church, a book, the sky or a garden.

Laurence Murdoch