Letters to the Editor

Investigate Russian ties

“Let’s give him a chance” was the hue and cry after the skeptics were aghast at the thought of a Trump presidency.

After reading recent commentaries by John Stempel and Teri Carter, I was compelled to voice my mystification about the performance of Kentucky’s two U.S. senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul.

Stemple, whom I consider highly qualified and knowledgeable, wrote an alarming account of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, which worsens by the day. Carter very concisely voiced my overall views of where our country stands at the moment.

Are McConnell and Paul so consumed with their personal ambitions and possibly their party’s future, or are they afraid of Trump’s retribution (in the form of a Trump tweet storm)?

We must have an independent commission to investigate any Russian influence.

Jane O. Kelton