Letters to the Editor

Not my country

This is not the America I was raised in. I hope those who voted for this nightmare are happy. No, actually I don’t. I hope you’re all scared to death of what is happening right before our eyes, just as the rest of us are.

The person who now holds the highest office in the land was elected by enough people motivated and manipulated by fear and hatred to place him in such a position of power that he could, and already has, trampled on the basic principles of our nation. Perhaps President Donald Trump’s next project should be a renovation of the Statue of Liberty: changing the torch to a fully extended middle finger pointed at the rest of the world. Seated at the top of that finger should be Trump’s aide Steve Bannon. If we sit idly by and watch this lieutenant and others of similar ilk being installed in governmental positions we deserve whatever catastrophe ensues.

Yet we allow it to happen. We will be sorry. To quote another writer (whose name I unfortunately do not know); “Our grandfathers fought against Fascists, not voted for them.” Shame on those who did.

Gerry Gillespie