Letters to the Editor

Help smokers quit

More than a quarter of Kentucky’s population smoke, costing us thousands of lives and more than $1 billion in health-care expenses each year.

Senate Bill 89 has been filed to help address this longstanding problem. Most smokers want to quit, says the research; however, many insurers make it difficult for Kentuckians to access the smoking cessation treatments recommended by their providers.

SB 89 will provide true access to the tools Kentuckians need to kick the habit for good, leading to better health and lower costs. It would remove complicated and unnecessary barriers to care, like step therapy and prior authorizations.

Given the significant toll that tobacco use has taken on our statewide health, our workforce and our taxpayers, it only makes sense that we provide smokers with access to the treatments they need.

We have an opportunity this year to be sure that every Kentuckian who wants to quit smoking has the resources to do so successfully.

Please join me in supporting SB 89 to help address Kentucky’s smoking epidemic comprehensively.

Sylvia Cerel-Suhl, M.D.

Trustee, American Heart Association Board of Central KY