Letters to the Editor

Keep citizen control of schools

Who should control the education that most of our children receive: an elected school board or appointed authorizers of charter schools? A school board is by far the better choice. We can put pressure on the members and vote them out, if necessary.

Yes, there are problems in Jefferson County Public Schools. But the last thing we need is to give up control of our schools to charter-school advocates whose true goal is to shift public dollars into private hands.

There is more opportunity to get a good education at JCPS now than there ever has been. Since the level of complexity in the system is greater than before, the child needs a navigator to make sure he or she is able to take advantage of opportunities. Many of the problems come from children who are hungry, homeless or have parents who are busy trying to survive. Public schools can’t reject kids who don’t have good manners. Charter schools cherry-pick students. JCPS teachers teach the disabled child and the child who is not a native English speaker.

We don’t need non-elected authorizers rubber-stamping the establishment of charter schools. We need more community control of our schools, not less.

K.A. Owens

KY Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression