Letters to the Editor

No guns on campus

It saddens me to see the introduction of Kentucky House Bill 249 stipulating that public schools (both K-12 and post-secondary schools) must allow guns on campus.

Nine states are already dealing with the economic fallout from such laws. In Idaho, five state schools requested $3.7 million to increase security, and Arizona estimated the cost at $13 million.

Additionally, college students are exposed to and often experiment with alcohol and drugs during these years. This can further impair their judgment as to when and how to use a gun.

And while an active shooter is everyone’s worst nightmare, law enforcement should know in these situations that the only “good guys with a gun” are those wearing badges. This assists everyone in quick decision-making under pressure.

Kentucky cannot afford the additional security and insurance costs that HB 249 will cause. We cannot afford the possible loss of life. We cannot afford the damage to our already struggling public schools.

Now is the time to call your state legislators. Tell them to vote no on HB 249.

Patricia Byrd