Letters to the Editor

Shine light on dark days

Coretta Scott King’s 1986 letter to a Senate committee is a great read. I just read it again. Did Sen. Mitch McConnell read it? She informs the committee of the way African-American citizens were discriminated against by Alabama officials.

It is a sad story in which Jeff Sessions, our new attorney general, may have played a role. It’s not a story to be censored or forgotten, but rather to be remembered and always available to all of us, particularly those concerned about our freedom and who make decisions about justice, and the senators who make decisions about Sessions’ role in our government.

McConnell’s action on Feb. 10 — stopping Sen. Elizabeth Warren from reading the letter on the Senate floor — was to hide the story. Perhaps he overreached? My action here is to keep King’s stories alive so we, and others like us, don’t make the same mistakes some folks and leaders did back then.

I was a white Catholic in Alabama in 1948-49 and endured the fear of KKK caravans and other tactics of discrimination. I know we all must remember those dark days.

Andrew J. Grimes