Letters to the Editor

Guns on campus

The Feb. 8 article on the bill that would allow permitted concealed handguns on Kentucky’s colleges had a glaring error. It is simply wrong to claim that only eight states “allow concealed guns on college campuses.”

The National Conference of State Legislatures notes that eight states mandate that public colleges have to let permitted concealed handguns on campus. Two other states (Tennessee and Arkansas) mandate that university employees be able to carry on campuses, and besides faculty and staff, a lot of graduate students are considered employees. Twenty-four other states allow concealed weapons on campus but leave the decision up to each university, and some large universities, such as Michigan State allow it.

If you want to use the word “allow,” there are 34 states that “allow” permitted concealed handguns on university campuses.

John R. Lott Jr.


Crime Prevention Research Center

Swarthmore, Pa.