Letters to the Editor

E. Ky.’s bad health care gamble

As a lifelong resident of Powell County, I know firsthand the kind of people who call Eastern Kentucky home. Many are down-to-earth, friendly and welcoming. It is that charitable and easygoing nature that makes the fact that they overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump all the more gut-wrenching and incomprehensible.

Most people in Eastern Kentucky are coal miners or descendants of coal miners; or they were before the industry came grinding to a virtual halt. Some of them suffer from black lung and fought for many years to receive medical benefits from the coal companies.

A modicum of relief came from Affordable Care Act. Sadly, most didn’t know that the ACA and Obamacare are one and the same. In stepped Kentucky’s Obama-hating politicians bombarding them with deceitful and continuous propaganda, convincing them that Obamacare was a terrible thing.

Eastern Kentuckians were fooled by the outright lies propagated by our new president during his campaign. It isn’t hard to understand why. They probably would have voted for Donald Duck if he had promised them the resurrection of the industry that provided them with the only kind of work they know how to do.

In a recent CNN report, several Eastern Kentuckians revealed that they are now worried they may come to regret that decision. Unfortunately, they will now have to live with the consequences of their ill-advised choice.

Renee Marcum-Losey