Letters to the Editor

Is council nonpartisan?

My understanding is that city council races are supposed to be nonpartisan. Last year we had challenger, Sasha Love Higgins, defeat an incumbent in the 2nd District, where I am a resident. Someone had mentioned that she had received sizable donations from a political party.

It seemed reasonable to ask her directly on the neighborhood Facebook page rather than rely on secondhand information. (I didn’t know this information was freely available online.) She responded by calling my post ignorant and charged me with being a bully before blocking me entirely. I was shocked and very saddened.

So I would like to put forward a few questions: If city council officers are nonpartisan why do certain members receive large donations from political parties? Secondly, why would these people be so defensive about financial affiliations with a political party? Lastly, are these contributions large enough to cause this candidate to feel obligated to consider others’ agendas ahead of the citizens of Lexington?

Eric Beck