Letters to the Editor

ACA repeal best for all

Regarding the rally for keeping the Affordable Care Act: President Donald Trump and Gov. Matt Bevin are not against people having affordable health care. According to the article, Kentucky went from 20.4 percent of residents with no health care to 7.5 percent.

However, who is paying for it? I am sure there are sad cases of people suffering because they don’t have access to health care, but we will not eliminate suffering in this world — ever.

When the federal government is trillions of dollars in debt and borrowing money every day to help provide health care, that is not fiscally responsible. Would I borrow unsecured money that I had no means of repaying to give to the Humane Society so animals wouldn’t suffer? Or borrow unsecured money to feed the refugees who have fled their homes because of ISIS?

The Affordable Care Act has come under scrutiny because it is taking our country closer to bankruptcy every day. Congress is repealing Obamacare not because we don’t care about people but because we care about our country, which includes all of the people.

Pat Bullock