Letters to the Editor

E. Ky. pays high electric bills

My AEP electric bill dated Jan. 11 is outrageous compared to charges by Kentucky Utilities, which serves my house in Lexington. AEP bills are double.

I have heard complaints from many friends and residents in Hazard who also think our electric bills are totally out of hand. It appears that the Public Service Commission is unable to regulate AEP.

Having utility bills this high in our area leaves many people in danger of freezing and being left in the dark. We are being taken advantage of. Eastern Kentucky is economically depressed and unable to attract new opportunity, with our electricity costs so high. It’s all most people in our area can do to pay their electric bill.

It’s time our elected officials do something to help. I am really writing this letter on behalf of the people who have not moved out of Eastern Kentucky. I hope someone will take some action to get these bills lowered immediately.

William S. Hall