Letters to the Editor

Assimilation makes U.S. great

We hear a lot about assimilation and diversity. Assimilation is easy to accept, diversity is harder.

My great grandfather came here from Germany in 1868. He changed his last name and learned to speak English. He came here for new opportunities and his belief in this young country’s freedoms. He is my role model for his vision, courage and beliefs.

My recently deceased sister was cut from the same fabric. She was director of minority affairs at NASA during its heyday. She vigorously fought for women’s rights — in the workplace, home, church, politics even about how to dress. Many gains women have today are because of efforts by women like her.

Today we may be exposed to a subtle threat. I am not comfortable with a culture that limits women’s rights, whatever the premise. People seem to be afraid to express their opinions on this subject because of religious connotations. Will they assimilate, or will they stay to themselves and have their own micro-culture? Is this something Europe is experiencing right now?

Charles Adams