Letters to the Editor

Border wall bonanza

Some thoughts on the planned border wall:

Aren’t guard towers also needed? They’ll need to be air conditioned since it’s very hot there in the summer. Will we need to build an electrical grid, too?

A parallel road already exists, but guards will need parking places, dining and sleeping quarters, toilets etc.

During medieval times, invaders attacking castle walls were met with hot oil, lime or large stones dropped on them. A moat outside the wall slowed invaders, drowning some who fell in if it was deep enough and the enemy was heavily armed. There were also spikes of all kinds in the moats, which were filled with foul bilge water.

The Mexican border project sounds like a real opportunity. Kentucky could provide some of the huge supplies needed. Lumber for construction could come from decorative fences in Lexington. Men could be put to work leveling ground and removing sagebrush.

There would be employment for countless local plumbers, builders and carpenters, as well as people to maintain border patrol agents’ clothing and communications equipment.

What a bonanza we have here. Wall building is one of the most profitable endeavors for builders, planners, banks and anyone else involved in massive projects.

Like the Great Wall of China, it will be visible from space. For whom shall we name it?

Risto Marttinen