Letters to the Editor

Free press helps all

Recently, President Donald Trump called the press “the enemy of the people,” and then barred some respected news outlets from a daily briefing. This is a sinister attempt to avoid accountability and control information.

A free and open press is a guaranteed right protected under our Constitution and affirmed under oath by every elected official. Trump swore a solemn vow to this oath on Jan. 20. His proclamations about the press violate that oath, the Constitution and our trust. This is an impeachable offense and should alarm every American.

Congressional leadership is needed to address this assault on the press and the growing number of this administration’s other deceptive practices, conflicts of interest and suspicious involvements.

If you value the Constitution and really choose to see the truth, you will recognize Trump for what he is. If Trump fails to uphold and defend even one aspect of the Constitution, then he will subvert any or all of it as needed, and it will be only a matter of time before he gets to something important to you.

Bob Barbera