Letters to the Editor

Power of freedom

Few societies have ever experienced freedom. Some attempts began with the ancient Greeks and with the Magna Carta in the 1400s. Later, some European countries tried to allow citizens more freedom.

In the United States, freedom was embraced and citizens were provided a Constitution that specifically spelled out the many ways it was to be exercised. Government was explicitly prohibited from interfering with the freedom of its citizens.

Freedom is a most powerful concept. It empowers individuals to do what suits them, to choose their own path, to pursue their own interests. Freedom is truly the “invisible hand” that Adam Smith described. People pursuing their own goals and interests create wealth for themselves and for others, as long as they don’t impinge upon the rights of others. America became the land of opportunity to which millions flocked from around the world. Many countries have borders and walls to keep people from leaving. America needs borders and walls to limit people who want to enter.

Contemporary Americans take freedom and liberty for granted. Freedom is not free; it is not widespread. We must value and treasure it, for freedom is what makes America exceptional.

Ray Davis