Letters to the Editor

School redistricting on the sly

The Jessamine County Board of Education is attempting to quickly and quietly redistrict the same neighborhoods they redistricted a mere four years ago without directly notifying parents and without adequate opportunity for public input.

I receive weekly classroom newsletters, monthly school newsletters and almost daily text messages from Rosenwald-Dunbar Elementary School, none of which have included any mention of potential redistricting. During the Feb. 27 school board meeting, only one person was permitted to address the board on the topic, and for only five minutes.

We have since requested that a public town hall be held. One board member flatly refused the request via email and denied a request for related public records, reasoning that it would not be a worthwhile use of district resources to put the records together.

I have since obtained the records through a formal open-records request. Minutes posted online were, until recently, password protected. The minutes of the one board work session in which redistricting was discussed did not include the content of their conversations. Where are the transparency and integrity in the board’s redistricting process?

We strongly encourage all board members to vote no to redistricting until a public forum is held. Should the board vote prior to hearing the public’s concerns, would that not constitute “redistricting without representation”?

Virginia Mims