Letters to the Editor

Book is wake-up call

I can’t sleep at night and am ashamed to call myself an American after reading “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, and what we have been doing to our young, black, male citizens for the last 40 years by weakening, tweaking, a few laws that our forefathers put in place to protect all its citizens.

We all desire genuine justice and need it for all citizens to prosper. The inequity, discrimination and exploitation that we are allowing by our ignorance and denial, if not outright intent, should weigh heavily on our consciences.

I consulted a University of Kentucky law professor, my friend who recommended this book, about what I should do. We came up with “trying to educate.” So far I’ve bought five more copies, given them out and am recommending it to everyone I know and anyone who will listen.

We need to stop afflicting segments of our society and stop prolonging suffering. We must understand and take to heart that the welfare of any segment of our society is inextricably bound up with the welfare of the whole. Our collective life suffers when any group thinks its own well-being is in isolation from its neighbors. Collective prosperity can only be advanced through justice and mutual assistance.

Suzanne Zivari