Letters to the Editor

Get tougher on drug abuse

How disappointed I am in U.S. Rep. Andy Barr. I asked why, in the midst of all these drug overdoses, children are in homeless shelters and not state-run facilities. He avoided answering my question by saying funding has been set aside to help poor drug-addicted people with their problems, and that if I knew anyone who needed help to please call social services.

No, no, no. Take that funding and give it to the Drug Enforcement Administration and other agencies to clean up the drug problem. Any drug user who police have given an anti-overdose injection should be charged and treated at a hospital just as any suicidal people who slit their wrists or try to hang themselves are. Other drug addicts who are stoned out of their minds need to be jailed until they get that monkey off their backs. The law needs to restore the old ways.

Money also should be spent on building state-run orphanages.

One good thing Barr did was help a veteran in need. What would America do without our fighting men and women?

Janet Oldham Zarmbus