Letters to the Editor

No Trump mandate, no chance

Since President Donald Trump continues to tout his huge Electoral College victory, it is important to restate how razor-thin his margin of victory actually was.

He lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million, and more than 5 million people voted for third-party candidates.

Also, the number of votes that translated to electoral wins in three key states were minuscule: 11,600 in Michigan, 68,000 in Pennsylvania and 27,000 in Wisconsin. That’s a grand total of 106,600 votes.

Take heart, everybody, an election this close will not happen again in generations, and in 2020 any third-party candidate will not be nearly as competitive.

Since Trump’s approval rating is skyrocketing (not), how do you think the next election is stacking up? Four years of scandal is not a recipe for success. They say, “Give him a chance.” I say, “A chance to destroy our Constitution and the fabric of our culture? No way.”

Also, do not forget the failures in fortitude and integrity of our congressional representatives: Rep. Andy Barr and Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul

Sean McElroy