Letters to the Editor

Legislators sold out

Who do legislators in Frankfort work for? The citizens of Kentucky elect them. They take an oath of office to be “faithful and true to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.” Yet for many of them, the moment they are elected they post a for-sale sign outside and begin offering our state to the highest bidder.

This legislative session, the voices of thousands of Kentuckians were ignored as many legislators received their marching orders from out-of-state special interests. How can legislators claim to be faithful and true to the Commonwealth of Kentucky when they answer to groups like Americans for Prosperity and the American Legislative Exchange Council?

Legislation like right to work, the repeal of prevailing wage, approval of charter schools, and cuts to worker’s compensation and state wage and hour laws are not changes that most Kentuckians want. The laws that have passed or that where attempted in the 2017 General Assembly are certainly not being faithful and true to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Who do the legislators in Frankfort work for? Not the Commonwealth of Kentucky nor the people, but rather for themselves and out-of-state special interest groups.

Larry Gardner

Vice president

CWA Local 3310