Letters to the Editor

Right to be irritated at Barr

It is true that Rep. Andy Barr got shouted down a lot during his town hall. These constituents are extremely frustrated by his representation. People waved green and red cards. He only had to look at the overflow crowd and see a sea of red cards indicating the displeasure of his constituents.

Barr has consistently avoided those with whom he disagrees, so this was pretty novel of him to face such a crowd. The overwhelming message to him: “Listen to us. We are also your constituents. Don’t just be party-loyal. How about us?”

I heard this over and over in the questions and from people before the show started as he was going around shaking hands. His slide show about the GOP health plan was ridiculous and insulting to a crowd which knew better. He deserved to be shouted down on that. He was wasting our time.

The room was poorly ventilated, so people would leave just to get air. Barr had a good strong microphone, the questioners did not. Barr also shut off questioners who had waited in line.

My neighbor, a physician of 36 years, was highly insulted by that. She said that, as a doctor, she never had the luxury of just walking out on her patients because she was tired. She stood in line about an hour for nothing. No wonder the crowd was incensed and chanted, “Do your job” and “Answer the question.”

Judy Harvey