Letters to the Editor

Barr should better train staffers

While calls to U.S. Rep. Andy Barr’s D.C. office are answered more frequently than those for either Kentucky senator, I get the distinct impression that Barr’s staffers are doing nothing with constituents’ feedback.

I recently called Barr’s office to express my concern about an issue important to me, and I shared a deeply personal story with the staffer. When I finished, I realized the staffer had neither asked me for my name nor taken my address to confirm that I was Barr’s constituent.

I asked him how I could be sure that he would relay my message to the congressman. “I’ll be meeting with him later,” he said – an answer which did nothing to reassure me. In fact, this same experience happened more than once.

I understand that call volumes to members of Congress are greatly increased, and staffers may be tired of answering the phone. I also know that while I always am polite and pleasant, not all callers may be. I urge Barr to provide better training to his staffers and to remember that members of Congress work for us. We have a right to be heard by those who represent us and whose salaries we pay.

Kristen Perry