Letters to the Editor

City government at its best

The April 18 Urban County Council hearing concerning the peninsula pitted the council between a rock and a hard place. Many residents of the East Lake Neighborhood and additional affiliated neighbors had lost all confidence in local government and in the planning and zoning process.

While the neighborhoods did not get everything they wanted, they did receive absolutely essential elements of their request via a courageous decision by the council to limit the development to 450 units and expand the greenway buffer to 50 feet.

This drama played out into the late hours of Tuesday evening and into early Wednesday. Led by Councilwoman Jennifer Scutchfield, a motion was made to limit the development to 400 units with a 75 foot buffer. That motion, while not amicable to all council members, started a series of open negotiations, amendments, votes and new motions eventually arriving at the final motion that carried.

It was almost painful to watch council members struggle with the dilemma of having to balance competing, not entirely compatible, goals of promoting infill development and that of supporting fair and equitable context-sensitive design. A fine example of our system at work.

Bob Kennedy