Letters to the Editor

Worrisome decline in civility

I was moved to respond to the recent commentary, “Beyond United: our economy a hellscape for all consumers.” Then, the double whammy of bad behavior came a few days later when Congressman Andy Barr was booed, shouted at and heckled at a local town hall meeting.

We are seeing more and more of this kind of boorish behavior in our country. Road rage, disrespect for teachers by parents and students, not standing at attention for the National Anthem, a do-nothing Congress, hopelessly in gridlock because they’ve lost their civility. These are just a few examples.

These situations lead me to wonder if we haven’t become a nation in decline. When I was younger, there were many examples of etiquette and civility that no longer exist today. My daughter is teaching my grandchildren these old standards of manners, but I believe she is in the minority and may be fighting a losing battle.

I wonder if at some time we may reach the point of no return and our society will collapse and we will be left wondering what went wrong without realizing why.

Charles Adams