Letters to the Editor

Yum! issue is about taxpayers

I arduously made it through Jim Host’s ego trip, “Yum! arena deal benefits, not burdens, taxpayers,” without heaving.

He obviously missed the point of the current concern about arena financing as well as your editorial in his zest to burnish his reputation.

I’m sure he spent much time to push his project to completion, as illustrated by using the pronoun “I” continuously throughout this op-ed. And I can still remember when he was asked about the long-term viability of the project. His response: “Up, up, up!”

Little did we know then that this response referred to debt rather than the major tenants’ black ink.

The present discussion does not regard the subject Host chose to address, but whether the sweetheart deal gifted to the University of Louisville could be renegotiated to result in less burden, current and future, on the taxpayer.

Take it from someone who lives in the Metro: The average local taxpayer, if not a U of L basketball fan or Generation Xer, generally never sees the innards of this project.

But in someone’s interest in retaining the status quo, even more burden is heaped on the local taxpayer. So as not to detract from the movers and shakers who pushed this project, just let the little people pay.

R.R. McClain