Letters to the Editor

Sick and shackled by GOP plans

Taking health care away from millions of people isn’t doing anyone any favors. The uber-rich in Washington will continue to have their pockets lined while the rest are left to fend for ourselves.

Those who lose insurance under the GOP proposals would have to choose whether to pay for food and necessities or for medicine, breathing machines, treatments and doctors appointments. Without enough for everything, they would have to quit taking medications — for blood pressure, heart and thyroid disease and ulcers — for some time to start payments on treatments and medical equipment.

They’ll be pouring their modest funds into the pharmaceutical or health care industry and living on hope; good thing President Barack Obama gave us plenty. Everyone will be affected; people who’ve worn their bodies down, worked paycheck to paycheck at labor-intensive jobs yet barely making ends meet.

So we enter a new age of a disgusting survive-or-die mentality, here in this richest country on Earth — the land of the free, shackled by the rich.

Krystle Robertson

Russell Springs