Letters to the Editor

Kudos for ‘American Idiot’

A shout out goes to Jordan Simonson for his preview column and to Lee Cruse for his sneak peek on WLEX’s “Live with Lee” of BCTC’s Lexington premier of “American Idiot.” Thanks to all involved for promoting local theater.

The show’s youthful audience welcomed the ensemble’s over-the-top performances of Green Day’s songs. Under Tim X. Davis’ direction, students, alumnae and local talent combined to give us sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. I left the theater buoyed; a post-election malaise had lifted.

The performers got their intensity from Sara Adkins’ choreography and the band’s raucous wall of sound. From the dynamic opening song, “American Idiot,” the band (Jim Gleason, Steve Pasquariello, Adam Luckey, Eric Henninger and Chelsey Smith) delivered the head-thumping beat that energized the cast and audience at the Downtown Arts Center.

Contributing to the success of the punk opera were Stephanie Fitch’s projections, Aaron Bowling’s lighting and the chemistry between Johnny and Whatshername (Rebecca Keith). Above all, the ensemble embodied the power of theater to bring a community together. We responded with a standing ovation.

Gaby Bedetti