Letters to the Editor

Misuse of Easter message

The lack of sagacity in Mike Rivage-Seul’s anti-Christian, anti-American screed beggars the imagination. The simple-mindedness of his historical, political and religious thought is startling.

The good professor begins by exhibiting a childish view of the resurrection and the meaning of Easter. When a Christian says “Happy Easter” he is not referring to the fleeting mirth of the day or the condition of the world. The happiness is found in Jesus rising from the dead and in so doing defeating sin, death and hell.

Rivage-Seul charges forth in utter silliness to blame the United States and its Christian population for all the violence, evil and misery in the world. Are Christians beheading innocents and gassing little children in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Let’s suppose that America renounced the use of force. Would Muslim barbarians stop exporting murder and mayhem? Would the madman in North Korea destroy his nuclear weapons?

Only a fool would answer yes. We live in a fallen world where evil too often prevails. Jesus promised to return and establish his earthly kingdom in perfect peace, justice and love. In the meantime we do well to protect ourselves. Even if it requires the use of deadly force.

Joe R. B. Hacker