Letters to the Editor

GOP hubris on full display

A terse distillation of history appeared before my eyes on TV when the white male House Republican caucus was bused to the White House for celebratory beer and cigars in the Rose Garden.

This was a few days after May 1, International Workers Day, shortly after President Donald J. Trump’s non-triumphant first 100 days in office. Many of the smirking and smug appeared before the microphone and cameras to say, in essence, “We won!” Or in Trump’s reflection, “I won.”

I wanted to retch.

Many had no idea of what they had just voted for. After seven years and 60-something tries, they sent their squeak-by health-care legislation to the mostly white male Republican-controlled Congress to strip the first African-American president of his legacy’s keystone. Also it would deprive millions of the poor, sick and elderly of their care to further enrich the already-rich.

It never seemed to enter their brain stems that people would suffer and die. Or that it was premature jubilation; there are at least four more difficult legislative actions to go through.

My heart hurt as a I saw the handful of women there who should know that this cause celebre would hurt kids and moms most.

Ramona Rush