Letters to the Editor

Barr’s foes caused chaos

I attended U.S. Rep. Andy Barr’s April 24 town hall meeting. I have attended most of these over the past few years. I expected to see some protesters and dissatisfied people, but what I witnessed was pure chaos.

Folks were asked before going into the auditorium if they were members of “Indivisibles of the Bluegrass.” If you answered yes, you were given a red and green card to hold up voicing your approval or disapproval of what was said. I was not given the cards.

All of the people sitting around me were loud and making very rude comments. Few looked to even be of voting age. When Barr stepped to the microphone, the booing and waving of the red cards began. The audience was extremely disrespectful. There were shouts of “do your job” and “liar.”

I admire Barr for holding this meeting, something he has been doing since elected. Where were these people then? I suspect that had they attended these meetings, they might know what was happening and why things need to change.

Thanks to Barr for representing the 6th District.

Barbara Ellerbrook