Letters to the Editor

On Korea, Trump endangers U.S.

It appears that our president wants to corner the leader of North Korea and remove him from world relevancy — one way or the other.

If we are not careful, North Korea will strike first with its nukes, targeting Japan, South Korea and as many American naval assets as possible. This attack will bring about an economic explosion more devastating than the Great Depression.

Japan is the second-largest “banker” to cover the American government’s inability to match spending with revenue intake. With nuked towns on Japan’s hands it will need trillions to rebuild. Japan will no longer be interested or able to purchase billions in new American debt. Others may be investing more there instead of purchasing U.S. bonds and treasury notes.

For the next decade or longer after Trump’s “resolution” with North Korea, the U.S. government would have to cut spending drastically, print more money and raise interest rates considerably to attract buyers to U.S. treasury notes and bills.

The president’s big-stick posture makes him look great on TV and to some people. His disorganized posturing, however, is a graver danger to American well-being than anything else in our country’s history.

Gene Lockhart