Letters to the Editor

Take this test

Many moons ago, it was rumored around my college that a particularly likeable student received A grades in all subjects because his written exams were so illegible that sympathetic professors simply gave him the benefit of the doubt.

This recollection was inspired by reading of the celebration of Senate Bill 1, the new “let teachers teach” law in the May 2 paper and by my subsequent download of that bill. If the actual SB1 as passed into law is the 89-page document, I am inclined to conclude that the unanimous assent to this bill was a simple, “I throw up my hands trying to digest this gobbledygook; it must be OK, so let’s just pass it and get on.”

Curious readers of are challenged to give it a try and determine for themselves if this document — found at www.lrc.ky.gov/record/17RS/SB1.htm — justifies the claims of the four eminent educators that this bill actually “lets teachers teach, enhances the state and local partnership,” reflects a transparent and collaborative process, and provides “a stronger, more robust and effective expression of education policy.”

There’s your homework, class. Lotsa luck.

Ernie Henninger