Letters to the Editor

Zoning case’s odd odors

In regard to the Urban County Council voting to change zoning of 90 acres off Squires Road, one needs to ask why? Who is really going to benefit? Does city government need tax funds this desperately?

There are people who see beautiful, lush, green land and water, but don’t see land and, most important, water to protect. All they see is a place to develop to make money short term. They don’t see a community’s need to protect one of its last reservoirs.

Others see the need to protect land and water source, as well as protect a neighborhood’s character and safety.

Yes, the city has invested to protect and restore some lands. Land considered tourism moneymakers. Is this the only reason land and water should be protected?

How little will the city’s coffers benefit from this development? How few will profit from this development?

Increased traffic causes safety and pollution issues. Increased traffic causes increased cost for safety enforcement.

There is only one benefit to those who live in the Squires Road area. The odorous spray of skunks during mating season will be greatly reduced.

Robin Osgood