Letters to the Editor

Planning commission fail

Lexington’s planning commission is not doing its job.

This became especially evident with the Squires Road development debacle, but was also noted a year ago when the seriously flawed development off Old Chilesburg Road failed to pass after a close 7-6 vote, when it was evident that the project should have been soundly defeated.

Lexington has an excellent staff that reviews development projects and presents a comprehensive report to the commission. Unfortunately, the staff reports are not taken seriously by some commission members. Then the Urban County Council has to spend time addressing an issue that should have never reached the council level.

It seems the planning commission is more concerned with developers and their well-being than with long-term benefits.

It’s time for an evaluation and review of commission membership. Perhaps the addition of new players would refocus issues to better reflect appropriate long-term development goals for our community.

William Farnau