Letters to the Editor

Sessions backward on marijuana

Attorney General Jeff Sessions would take us back to the days of Jim Crow when marijuana prohibition was used to suppress African-Americans. President Richard Nixon and his boys used it to go after his political enemies as attested to by Nixon aide John Ehrlichman in a 1994 interview. Indeed, the only drugs listed as schedule 1 in 1970 were those the administration had associated with Nixon’s political enemies, African-Americans and anti-war protesters.

One wonders if our legislators are blind to the wishes of citizens who favor legalization. Medical use polls at 80 percent favorability, and recreational use at 60 percent.

Maybe it’s time for our legislators to catch up. Twenty years of use in California has proven the predictions of those who would continue prohibition are not going to happen. The citizens know it. Anybody with any knowledge of the issue, pro and con, knows it; and our leaders should acknowledge it, too.

Time has come to end the failed policy of prohibition on the state and federal levels. Nothing less will suffice.

Thomas Vance

Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access senior advisor