Letters to the Editor

Put country over my party

I’m a lifelong Republican, but unlike our Kentucky congressional delegation I put our country over party and must again strongly condemn President Donald Trump for his destructive incompetence.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Andy Barr — who are obviously intelligent people — continue to condone Trump’s actions, apparently in order to move a legislative agenda which they and everyone else can see is going nowhere.

They all now need to say in public what I’m sure they’re all thinking privately and that is that Trump is totally unfit for the office he holds and increasingly putting our country in jeopardy.

Every week the situation gets worse and it will eventually not end well. When the history of the hopefully short Trump presidency is written, significant credit will go to those Republicans who went on the record and called him out for his unprecedented shortcomings.

Those who don’t will be forever marked as accomplices in this nightmare and will suffer the political consequences of their inaction.

Paul B. Mulhollem